Incremental Biography

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This article is being written incrementally. Please come back in the future to see updates. Once it is finished this warning will disappear


Incremental Biography is going to be an autobiography book written incrementally about my life and experiences with great detail and linking them to what is known to current research. I may sacrifice privacy for the shake of providing an example of what the school system can do to people.


Third parties will be always anonymous or with fake names. I will just use the enough information to convey the message. If necessary, I will omit something prioritizing someone else's privacy over reader comprehension in cases I have no explicit consent of the affected parties.

Daycare (0.75-3)

I was sent to day care at about 9 months old once my mother get back to work. My parent were busy working so they had no choice to send me to day care. My parents send me to daycare until I was about 2.7 years old.

Preschool (3-6)


Elementary school (6-12)

Middle School (12-16)

High School (16-21)

College (21-24)

Community College (24-26)

Collage again (26-30)

PhD (30-?)

Not yet finished.