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Tutoring sessions for SuperMemo

I offer one on one sessions for SuperMemo for Windows and everything related to it. You will find detailed explanations in this page.

Hours tutored so far: +300h

Book a session

See Contact me. Once you contacted me I will send the link to book a session. You can reuse the same link to book more sessions in the future.

Target audience

Let me present to you different cases where I can help youwith:

  • You start brand new to SuperMemo, Incremental Reading and Spaced Repetition in general.
  • You start brand new to SuperMemo and Incremental Reading, but you used a SRS app before. such as Anki and you want to transition.
  • You have started and discontinued to use Supermemo back and forth. Potentially because of its learning curve.
  • You have been using SuperMemo at a basic level, and you want to take it to the next level.
  • You want to learn something specific using SuperMemo: university, a language, scientific domains, history, etc.
  • You want technical help with AutoHotKey scripts, setting a backup solution to the cloud, SM Assistant, etc.
  • You have a battery of accumulated questions about SuperMemo you cannot resolve as of today.
  • You want a fast track. In other words, convenience over time. I will save you time reading in the documentation, asking in the community, or even watching my own youtube videos. You will achieve a substantial proficiency in Incremental Reading in a short period of time.


Based on my experience, Google Meet work best, specially for latency. It it the default platform for me. Zoom is a good option if you want to give me control over your computer (mouse, keyboard, etc). Discord is fine most of the time.


The session consist of a video call, usually sharing your screen and optionally your webcam. I usually use my webcam unless there are latency issues. I will adapt to you regarding the duration of session, or if you want to take breaks in between, etc. I strongly suggest contacting me before scheduling a session so we can set goals beforehand.

For extended tutoring I usually have a Notion page shared with you page where we track your goals, tasks, questions, etc related to SuperMemo and free learning.


By default, I offer my services in English. I am fully competent in Spanish and Catalan, so we can use any of these three languages as a vehicular language.


I live in Central European Time. You can quickly check our time difference here


Rate: The rate has been 'pay what you want' since I started until April 2024. Now there is a minimum hourly rate of 30€.

Payment methods: Depending of you country of residence, yo may prefer to use one method over the other because of fees applied or lack of availability.

  • PayPal: rather high fees will apply at your or my side (you may choose your side).
  • Ko-fi: fees will apply on my side. Preferable for credit cards and countries where PayPal is not available.
  • Wire transfer: specially indicated for fee-free method if you live in the Eurozone (€). I'll provide the details in person.
  • Wise: specially indicated for U.S. residents to pay for minimum or no fees. I'll provide the details in person. If you have to create an account, please use this link.


Steafan Raath.jpg

I have been using SuperMemo daily for about 5 months now, and besides being part of an epic and super supportive SM community (discord), I know for a fact that I would not have been able to get this far if it wasn't for Guillem's tutoring. Those first few weeks of being exposed to the SM software and way of incremental thinking was very formative for me. And yes, there are large text opuses and manuals online that I could have read through on my own, but those were very intimidating. Furthermore, the SM user-interface 'was' also quite involved upon first sight by a total newbie like myself. What I love about Guillem's approach to SM tutoring is that he tackles the challenge in an 80/20 Pareto Principle manner. He focuses on that which will give you the biggest bang for you buck right now and that which will ensure continual growth of expertise into the future. The hinges that will swing open the biggest doors along your SM and IR journey. I highly recommend Pleasurable Learning's tutoring sessions for all beginners. Thank you so much Guillem!

Stefan Raath South Africa

Formula one cockpit.jpg

Entering the world of SuperMemo can feel like stepping into a Formula 1 cockpit. The allure of speed and performance, plus the confusion and helplessness of staring at a thousand different buttons. Sure, you can read the manual while fiddling with the interface for a minute or two thousand, like I did. But what you really want is to save tens of hours at a time. Get yourself an instructor, start on the right track, thank me later. Guillem is that guy. Ask him questions, lean on his experience, benefit. His insight ranges from detailed explanations of the obscurest SuperMemo functions to broad discussions about meta-learning strategies, including everything in between. I have zero reservations in endorsing Guillem, only supreme confidence that he will help you become a better learner and SuperMemo user

Pietro Crovetto Italy


I have had several SuperMemo training sessions with William covering various things such as technical issues with the software to implementing a backup / syncing system for my collections across multiple PCs and I am very happy both working with William as a teacher and also the results it has brought for me by improving my ability to use the software in better ways and more flexibility. William has a great ability to teach as he is very patient and professional whilst his enthusiasm for SuperMemo makes learning the software fun and inspirational as he can show you interesting and useful new ways of working with the software to accelerate your learning. William's extensive SuperMemo knowledge and helpful personality make him an ideal person to learn from. I highly recommend training with him.

Andrew UK