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SuperMemo World is a software company founded on July 5, 1991 by Krzysztof Biedalak and Piotr Wozniak in Poznan, Poland. It devotes all its resources to the promotion of the SuperMemo method of fast learning. Its product SuperMemo is the most successful single application ever developed in Poland. SuperMemo software line has collected numerous awards at software competitions in Poland and abroad and has twice topped the ranking of most popular Polish software by PC World Komputer (1994 and 1995). SuperMemo 8 has been chosen the Product of the Year 1997 in Poland (PC Kurier), and SuperMemo technology was nominated to the title of the Product of the Decade by the same journal. Since its first profitable year, 1992, SuperMemo World's revenue has been increasing regularly by 50-100% per annum and one millionth SuperMemo CD-ROM was manufactured on the company's eighth anniversary in July 1999. Overall sales of SuperMemo and SuperMemo-based products to end users by SuperMemo World and its partners in Poland and abroad have surpassed $2 million in 1999.