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Taken from https://supermemo.guru/wiki/End_school_slavery

We are aged 15, ~30, ~60, and 90. We know the school system and education from all angles. From the inside and from the outside. The bad and the great. We know exactly what efficient learning is. Compulsory school system is the anti-thesis of efficient learning. This is why we decided to join forces to help end school slavery for children. We are new to Twitter, but we decided to open a shared account and learn together to see if we can spread the message.

Squid is 15 and feels a prisoner of the school system. He was admitted to one of the most prestigious schools in England. However, for many reasons, he got very little say about his own future. He isn't free enough to reveal his name. Squid created a Twitter account: End School Slavery, and soon found support in Palace who is part of Pleasurable Learning community. Palace is an individual with a stratospheric IQ and rampant creativity. His life at school was hell. He understands and loves the power of pleasurable free learning. Squid and Palace convinced me to join Twitter and use it as a vehicle to spread the word about the contrast between compulsory schooling and free learning. I wrote texts that form the rationale (Pleasure of learning), and the future vision of education (Compulsory schooling must end). With a giant of a human being, Tom Durrie, and with a blessing from the father of the self-directed learning movement: Dr Peter Gray, we compiled a single sentence that explains our stance on human rights and education: Declaration of the Education Emancipation. Tom is 75 years older than Squid, but their thinking about the harms of schooling is the same.

Here are our credentials as of Mar 6, 2021

  • Tom Durrie (b. 1931) liberated his own students in the 1960s, and discovered the power of freedom (see his report from 1966). Today he is writing a book about the ills of the school system
  • Piotr Wozniak (b. 1962) spent 25 years in various public educational institutions, and then 30 years researching memory and learning. He has spent the last 35 years enjoying the pleasure of free learning to contrast it with the horrible inefficiency of compulsory schooling. He is the author of Problem of schooling
  • Guillem Palau (aka William Palace)(b. 1987) was born at the same time as SuperMemo. His days at school were hell. Today, he devotes most of his energy to promoting Pleasurable learning. He dreams of liberating millions of young souls from the prison of school to experience the joy of free learning
  • Squid (b. 2005) is a brilliant student who cannot stand the creative confines of schooling. Everyone keeps telling Squid how smart he is and what great future awaits him. However, the future, which others paint for Squid, is not his own. He wants to explore and find his place in life on his own steam

There are more of us. There early signatories of the Declaration of the Education Emancipation. We are just a tiny portion of the great swell of opposition to coercion in learning. We are like little droplets of mercury that gravitate to each other to coalesce into a force of reason. The names are too many to list. We stand on their shoulders. You can help by spreading the word or signing your support with Facebook.

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