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The Flashcard Guy is a nickname for a long term user of SuperMemo. He started using SRS in 2006 and in 2021 he opened a YouTube channel about the topic.

His personal blog about learning: SuperMemo Adventures


I will be compiling a public list about of the questions I would love to ask to The Flashcard Guy. I will be updating the list indefinitely and add the answers when The Flashcard Guy covers them in his videos or comments.

Personal use of SuperMemo

When did you started using Supermemo?

In 2006.CiteRef::LF-YT-intro

How do you get to know SRS? and SuperMemo

Did you read Piotr Wozniak writings about learning and memory before trying out SuperMemo?

Have you used SuperMemo for school stuff, or just for free learning?

Any regrets from decisions you have taken in the past which its effects in your collection were only long-term?

Any regrets from decisions you have taken in the past which its effects in your learning were only long-term?

What long-term meaningful goals did you achieved due the use of SRS?

Do you use SuperMemo for creative domains? and Incremental brainstorming?

15 old streak

You state you always finish all the outstanding queue. Then I may guess is, in part, because you have import little volume of information? Consistent but low.

Did you use postpone or mercy at all? Or do you do all repetitions strictly when they are scheduled?

Will you mind sharing your stats? Basically to get a feeling of the long term use.

Do you thing you suffer from the curse of knowledge?

Life as a SuperMemo user

Across the 15 years of continuous use, did you tried to introduce people to SuperMemo/Incremental Reading?

= If positive, any success on retaining them as users?

Did you tried other SRS apps after some years after being introduced to SuperMemo? For instance Anki in 2006-08?=

Speculating a different present

How do you think you will be today, in regard of knowledge, creativity and wisdom acquired, without the use of SuperMemo?

How do you think you will be today, relating to creativity, without the use of SuperMemo?

Looking in retrospective, would have you changed something you did across the years? What would that be?

SuperMemo Comunity

You said back in the day, there was just a yahoo forum. Later I guess Supermemopedia came into place.

Were you aware the the community has grown, and that lead to?

    • the SuperMemo Assistant plugins?
    •, user-driven wiki aimed at the beginners?
    • external tools to facilitate the life of SuperMemo users, such as AHK scripts, Epub builder, article parser, tutoring sessions, etc?
    • voice chat events in the Discord channel

Familiarization with SuperMemo

Which SuperMemo version did you started using?

I am assuming you did used every other newer release until the present day.

How long did you take to feel confident using SuperMemo?

How long did you take to feel proficient using SuperMemo?

Do you think now with SM18 is harder or easier to get to use SuperMemo?

On the one hand there is more documentation about i, a lot easier to get in touch with other users. On the other hand, there are more features to learn at the beginning which have been introduced incrementally, such as Incremental Video, Concepts, Neural Review, etc.


How is that you had a long hiatus of your blog about SuperMemo from 2016 to 2021?

You publicly said you were to start a YouTube Channel about SuperMemo back in August 2016

How is that you finally started in April 2021? What made you start now?CiteRef::LF-hello